EPF is regularly invited to address a conference, congress, meeting, etc. Here you can find presentations and speeches from such occasions.

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What Friendly Flying does – Presentation at the APP meeting – 15-05-2018 (K. Martynowicz, Friendly Flying)
Do passengers feel safer? – Presentation at the ILA – 25-04-2018 (Willy Smeulders, EPF)
Disruption of rail service due to the closure of lines for maintenance work – Presentation at the EPF GM – 03-02-2018 (Freek Bos, Rover)
Mobility4EU: European Mobility and Transport Forum – Presentation at the EPF GM – 03-02-2018 (Freek Bos, Rover)
How autonomous vehicle use must be set up in cities and territories – Presentation at the EPF GM – 03-02-2018 (Pau Noy & Matthias Kurzeck)
Where we are and where we are heading – Presentation at the MyCorridor workshop – 09-02-2018 (Christopher Irwin)
Passenger satisfaction and the urban challenge – Presentation at the 6th International Railway Summit – 23-02-2018 (Christopher Irwin)
What’s in it for passengers? – Presentation at the IRG Rail-Plenary – 24-11-2017 (Christopher Irwin)
Do passengers feel safer? – Presentation at the OPTICS dissemination event Eurocontrol – 12-06-2017 (Willy Smeulders)
Rail transport security: The passengers’ view (Marco Gariboldi) – Presentation at the 13th Florence Rail Forum – 25-11-2016
The provision of EU-wide Multimodal Travel Information Services (Josef Schneider) – Presentation at the Brussels ITS Directive priority action ‘a’ workshop – 03-11-2015
Doubling Collective Land Transport – How to Encourage It (Trevor Garrod) – Presentation at the European Citizens’ Mobility Forum – 17-09-2015
The Passengers’ view (Christopher Irwin) – Presentation at the Extraordinary Meeting of the EU Expert Group for Land Transport Security  in Brussels – 11-09-2015
Rail Marketing and Public Engagement (Trevor Garrod) – Presentation at the Rail Newcastle Conference – 16-07-2015