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International consumer and environment organisations
  • AGE
    European Older People’s Platform
  • ANEC
    European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation
  • BEUC
    Bureau Européen des Unions de consommateurs CI Consumers International
  • CI
    Consumers International
    Confédération des Organisations Familiales de l’Union Européenne
  • EBU
    European Blind Union
  • ECF
    European Cyclists Federation
  • EDF
    European Disability Forum
  • GAEM
    Global Alliance for EcoMobility
  • IFP
    International Federation of Pedestrians
  • T&E
    European federation for transport and environment
International transport-related organisations
  • ACI
    Airports Council International
  • ACI Europe
    Airports Council International Europe
  • A4E
    Airlines for Europe
  • AEA
    Association of European Airlines
  • ALE
    Autonomous Train Drivers’ Unions of Europe
  • ARC
    Airport Regions Council
  • CER
    Community of European Railways
  • CIT
    Comité international des transports ferroviaires
  • ECAC
    European Civil Aviation Conference
  • ECSA
    European Community Shipowners’ Associations
    European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations
    European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors
    European Low Fares Airline Association
  • ERAA
    European Regions Airline Association
    ERTICO – ITS Europe
  • EIM
    European rail infrastructure managers
  • EMTA
    European Metropolitan Transport Authorities
  • EPTO
    European Passenger Transport Operators
    European Rail Research Advisory Council
  • ESPO
    European Sea Ports Organisation
  • ETF
    European Transport Workers’ Federation
  • Eu Travel Tech
  • Forum Train Europe
    Pan-European forum for international production planning, timetable coordination and harmonisation of train paths for allocation in European rail traffic
  • GBTA
    Global Business Travel Association
  • IRG-Rail
    Independent Regulators Group-Rail
  • IACA
    International Air Carrier Association
  • IATA
    International Air Transport Association
  • IRU
    International Road Transport Union
  • OTIF
    Organisation intergouvernementale pour les transports internationaux ferroviaires
  • POLIS Network
  • Rail Forum Europe
  • RailNetEurope
    Organisation of European railway infrastructure managers
  • UIC
    Union internationale des chemins de fer The UIC’s Rail passenger information site TAP-TSI implementation
  • UITP
    International association of public transport
  • UNECE (Transport Division)
    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
    Union of European railway industries
    World Travel Agents Associations Alliance
European Union