🌍 On 10. October 2023, EPF participated in an exciting event at the European Parliament,  hosted by MEPs Oetjen and Dalunde, which delved into the potential of the upcoming Regulation on Multimodal Digital Mobility Services in shaping the future of travel. EPF emphasised the importance of putting passengers at the heart of the MDMS initiative.

👉 Today, planning, booking and executing multimodal journeys can be daunting and complicated, thus, passengers often end up choosing the easiest options which are not always sustainable. This is where MDMS can play a key role!

👉 The new website Move Your Way showcases how the MDMS Regulation can transform the way we travel. Real-world case studies illustrate how EU legislation in this realm can lead to increased choice and transparency for travellers.

👉 In line with the discussions at the event, a joint statement was published by BEUC, BT4Europe, ECTAA, EPF, eu travel tech, GBTA and T&E. Seeing the delays that the proposal is facing, we urge the European Commission to prioritise this essential element of the green mobility policy. The MDMS Regulation must be pushed forward to provide added value for European citizens, foster transport competition, and promote environmental sustainability.