🚀 It’s Official: Our Urban Air Mobility Event Program is Locked and Loaded!

The final event of AURORA, AiRMOUR and Flying Forward 2020, is scheduled for the 22nd of November at the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg. This event, titled “Elevating Urban Air Mobility”, is the end product of three years of extensive research, development, and innovation in the UAM sector. We are happy to share with you our event program!

We will kickstart the day with a warm welcome by Joachim Lücking (DG MOVE). After his opening, Kai Bauer (EASA) will give us his perspective on the importance of UAM and he will speak about the IAM Hub that EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency is developing. The keynote speakers from the three projects will continue from there to talk in depth about the project outcomes and what the contribution has been to the European UAM development.

Next up is the panel discussion about the lessons learned from the three projects, giving our speakers the opportunity to reflect on and learn from past experiences and trials in UAM, providing valuable insights into what works and what does not in this innovative field. The second panel discussion about the role of cities in UAM will delve into the crucial role that local and regional authorities play in the integration and management of UAM, exploring how municipalities can navigate the complexities of increased drone traffic.

After the panel discussions, it’s time for you to get involved with our three breakout rounds. Each round you are able to select one of three interesting sessions. Go to our website to see the full programme and to register for this event! Each breakout session has a maximum capacity so make sure to select your choice on time!

🤝 For those invested in the future of urban transportation and mobility, this event is a must-attend. It’s a chance to be part of the conversation and to engage with the project leaders, researchers, companies and cities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover market-ready outcomes, and connect with other European-funded UAM projects.

👉 Visit our website for the full programme and registration!