EPF member, Bus Users UK rolled out its annual Catch the Bus Month 2023 in September, a campaign aimed at showcasing the numerous advantages of bus travel and encouraging more individuals to hop on board. With support from operators, government entities, transport organisations, charities, and local groups, this initiative spanned across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Notably, buses do more than just transport users physically: they contribute significantly to our well-being. By reducing loneliness and isolation, they play a crucial role in building connected communities. Additionally, buses have a substantial economic impact, contributing £64 billion annually to the UK economy pre-pandemic. An intriguing statistic reveals that shifting just one monthly journey to the bus system could result in 1 billion fewer car journeys, mitigating pollution and decongesting urban centres.

Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users UK, emphasised the important role of buses: “Buses are the lifeblood of local communities and a force for good when it comes to cleaning our air, reducing congestion, boosting the economy, and giving people access to life’s opportunities.”

In the wake of the pandemic’s impact on passenger numbers, this year’s Catch the Bus Month offered an opportunity to celebrate the crucial services buses provide and encourage passengers to get back on board.

The campaign’s dedicated website served as a central hub for latest news and information on local events. It also featured a free-to-download Partner Pack, full with innovative ideas, valuable resources, and guidance for those interested in participating.

Discover more about Catch the Bus Month 2023 by visiting bususers.org/catchthebusmonth.

For media inquiries, please email press@bususers.org.