Today, planning, booking and executing multimodal journeys is risky, difficult and time-consuming. Even though a multimodal offer might be the best option, passengers may not consider it due to a lack of awareness and the absence of a one-stop-shop covering all modes. Instead, they might choose the easiest solution. But … often that’s not the most sustainable one. MDMS – Multimodal Digital Mobility Services – have an important role to play, as they have the potential to increase consumer choice, enhance competition and facilitate a modal shift towards a more sustainable and multimodal travel behaviour.

🌍 EPF’s position paper on MDMS was presented and adopted on 30. September at the EPF General Meeting in Paris. Key takeaways:

👉 Passengers should have access to unbiased, dynamic journey information, enabling informed choices, both when planning and making their journeys;

👉 Buying multimodal tickets should be easy, affordable and offer protection in case something goes wrong;

👉 Data sharing and readiness to conclude distribution agreements between operators and MDMS should be the default option, i.e. the norm.

Read our full position paper here.