📅 Save The Date: Final event ‘Elevating Urban Air Mobility’ FF2020, AiRMOUR & AURORA

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as Flying Forward 2020, AiRMOUR, and AURORA join forces to host a transformative event that will spotlight the significance of UAM in today’s rapidly evolving world at the prestigious European Convention Centre in Luxembourg. Join us on 22 November 2023, as we present the final findings before the three projects come to an end. By bringing together the entire UAM community, we aim to improve further research on this topic and to help the industry with our lessons learned and solutions. Join us to understand, adapt, and be at the forefront of this aerial revolution.

For whom is this event relevant?

🌆 For Cities: Grasp your essential role in shaping the UAM landscape. Learn how to navigate the third dimension and position your city as a pioneer in this innovation.

🔧 For UAM/AAM Organisations: Elevate your operations by integrating our market-ready outcomes. Harness insights from leading UAM projects and set new industry benchmarks.

🤝 For European-funded UAM Projects: Collaborate with us and leverage our findings to accelerate your initiatives. Together, let’s create a strong and resilient Europe in UAM innovation.

📜 For Authorities: Strategically embed UAM in your agendas. Steer the discourse for the future, catalysing research and development in the right direction.

In the coming weeks, we will share our line-up of speakers and the event program on our website, so be sure to follow us and stay tuned! Join this event, let’s start the conversation and let’s pave the way for a sustainable UAM future together.

Registrations are already open here.

To note also: Following this conference, AiRMOUR is organising a 1,5-day UAM Masterclass on 23–24 November in Luxembourg. It will focus on the opportunities and challenges for integrating UAM drone services for cities within the existing transport modes. More info and registration here.