Obviously, the coronavirus is having an important impact on passengers.

The European Commission has published a note answering the main questions that passengers may have:

  • I do not want to travel any more, can I rebook or get reimbursed?
  • I am not feeling healthy and I am not sure whether I should be travelling?
  • What happens if my carrier has cancelled or postponed the flight/ train/bus& coach/ ship?
  • Are there additional measures in place which I have to respect before or during my travel?
  • What happens if I have been put in quarantine and cannot continue my travel as planned?
  • Am I allowed to travel if I depart from an affected area?
  • Can I travel if I have been in contact with someone who has been affected?
  • My flight has been cancelled and I will miss my next connection – so what I can do to continue my travel?

The Commission has published a separate note to explain the rights of passengers who have booked a package tour.

Both notes can be consulted here.  In the current situation, EPF asks passengers to use this website for information and take a personal responsible decision.

Amid the #COVID19 crisis, EPF president Michel Quidort reinforces the importance of public transport and the need of:

  • Information, recompensation and alternatives for passengers
  • A minimum level of public transport for basic needs.