Eurostar has cancelled many trains and is now operating a very limited timetable between London and Brussels/Paris. Many passengers therefore cannot travel or if they were to travel would face long delays.

On Eurostar’s web page on the corona virus, passengers are only offered an “eVoucher”, that can be used for a future Eurostar journey, or a possibility to rebook. However, according to EU regulation 1371/2007, passengers who would face a delay of more than one hour also have the option to be reimbursed. Eurostar’s corona virus web page doesn’t mention this option, so only passengers who already know it will look for Eurostar’s refund web page.

Also according to EU regulation 1371/2007, railway undertakings must inform passengers about their options and it is up to the passenger to accept a voucher instead of a reimbursement.

When confronted with this shortcoming, Eurostar doesn’t see a problem and doesn’t want to add a link to its refund page.

Consequently, EPF has filed a complaint with the Belgian enforcement body with the request to remind Eurostar of its obligations.