EPF has been contributing to an Expert Group jointly led by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in collaboration with the World Health Organisation Transport under the Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE-PEP). The group has now completed its report and recommendations as part of the preparations for the Fifth High-Level Ministerial Meeting of THE PEP to be held on 17-18 May 2021 and hosted by Austria. The main recommendations will be included as part of the Vienna Declaration. Christopher Irwin, who represented EPF in the Expert Group, will be speaking during a side event at the High-Level Ministerial Meeting about putting effective, high-quality, and safe public transport at the centre of mobility.

The initiative stems from recognition that the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered social, economic, and cultural lifestyle changes, many of which have had a significant impact on mobility patterns. The report points out that the countries of the Pan-European region (which, in addition to Europe, embraces North America, Central Asia as well as parts of Western Asia) can seize on COVID-19 recovery as a turning point for green and healthy transport and mobility, building a better future for all. It emphasises the importance of communicating and consulting with citizens, and understanding their needs and aspirations, in planning to enable active travel and public transport provision. The report is remarkable for the intergovernmental support it has found.

The full report can be found here.