EPF has been one of three user NGOs participating in the Working Party dealing with the revision of Regulation 1300/2014 on Accessibility for PRM in rail travel.

The work has been going on since 2011. Now the last WP meeting has taken place, after almost eight years of work in several stages. ERA will in January present the text for a new Regulation to the RISC Committee that will decide on it in April. Then the Commission probably will take a decision in June 2020.

In the work the policy from EPF “What is necessary to some is favorable to all others” has been most efficient. And EPF has been a fairly strong force in the development. EPF also took the initiative to write a letter to the Commission about improving speed of the work.

The report, written by Kurt Hultgren (EPF representative in the PRM-TSI revision working party), can be consulted here.