Need any support to solve transport poverty related problems in your city – region – organisation? We can help!

The HiReach project just launched an Open Call for pilots. Apply now, present us your case and allow bright entrepreneurs, supported by the HiReach Start-up Lab, to work with and for you! Visit the HiReach website to find out more and apply (call open until 31/10).

HiReach is a three-year H2020 project that is working on innovative mobility solutions to cope with transport poverty, i.e. mobility difficulties experienced by vulnerable groups such as elderly people, people with reduced mobility, children, people living in rural areas, … The HiReach Start-up Lab will explore and test new, inclusive solutions to transport poverty, based on the creative work of start-ups, innovative entrepreneurs and local communities.

Here is some more information about the call for pilots:

  • Who can apply? Anyone, basically: transport authorities, operators, government bodies, community associations and for-profit or companies
  • What do we offer? A team of bright entrepreneurs that work for you, supported by our start-up accelerator program
  • If you are selected, what is expected from you? Welcome our start-ups to work with you and provide input and feedback
  • How to apply? Describe the problem and fill in the form asap!
  • What’s the timeframe? We’ll let you know if your case has been selected by the end of November. The start-up activities will take place from February until September 2020.

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