The IMPACTS project (Inclusive Mobility: Public and Collaborative Trusted Spaces), a one-year project supported by EIT Urban Mobility and led by TU Berlin, envisioned a human-centric public transport where passengers feel safe, support fellow travellers, and contribute feedback to improve services. IMPACTS developed a socio-technical tool, WizGo, that (i) connects passengers of mobility services in proximity off- and online and (ii) allows users to report issues in the urban environment to the respective mobility provider. The project ended in December 2023.

Istanbul (Turkey) and Dugopolje (Croatia) partnered with the project to improve their transportation services in rural and urban environments. Through testing WizGo in these two distinct environments, we saw the many benefits of a social community app in public spaces.

“The Impacts project proved the power of passenger communities as the ultimate catalyst to improve public transport. With the right digital tool, citizens can actively shape the transport environment and contribute to an immediate feeling of safety and comfort in public transport, not only for themselves but for the entire community.” – Martin Schlecht, IMPACTS coordinator

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