Over the last decades, liberalization has led to cheaper, safer, and more comprehensive air connections throughout the EU. This was driven in large parts by vigorous competition between airlines, engaging in a constant effort to outcompete their peers by developing and improving their services.

Now, the European air travel industry stands at a crossroads. Large and increasingly dominant airline groups have formed in successive mergers, and concentration is now set to increase even more significantly, with several acquisitions being currently assessed by the European Commission or looming. In other markets, such as the United States, a high level of consolidation and the resulting lack of competition led to higher prices, lower quality services and fewer satisfied air passengers.

Therefore, EPF co-signed a joint statement, together with BEUC, ECTAA, eu travel tech and ACI, calling upon the Commission to carefully consider any potential anti-competitive effect when assessing the operations submitted to its review and, where serious concerns arise, use the tools at its disposal, including considering such mergers as incompatible with the common market or demanding significant remedies.

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