During the last Annual General Meeting (Luzern, 2 & 3 February), 3 positions in the Management Board have been new staffed.

  • Rian van der Borgt, acting since several years as treasurer was reelected for another 3 years’ period.
  • Chris Irwin from UK-based Transport Focus and also representing TravelWatch SouthWest had been member until spring 2017. He also has been elected for another 3-years’ period.
  • Kurt Hultgren, representing EPF’s Swedish member Resenärsforum resigned as a member of the Management Board for reasons of age, but will still be present in future General Meetings. As his successor, Emil Frodlund, also representing Resenärsforum, was elected.

The meeting was organized by Pro Bahn Switzerland, all participants thanked Karin Blaettler and Edwin Dutler for a well-organized meeting including an interesting framework program.

The full list of the new formed Management Board can be found here.