1 February 2018 was the official start of a new project TMaas: Traffic Management as a Service, in which EPF is involved as a partner.

The aim of the TMaas project is to create “a virtual traffic control centre for Ghent”.

Setting up a traffic centre is an important part of the City of Ghent’s latest mobility plan (Strategic Mobility Vision 2015). The Ghent Mobiliteitsbedrijf developed ‘Traffic Management as a Service’ (TMaaS.eu), which is radically different from previous traffic centres: the Traffic Management as a Service-concept is based on a fully digital and virtual platform that processes traffic data and provides real-time information to the residents of Ghent. To achieve this up-to-date flow of information the data are dealt with and distributed to the users automatically, so operators are no longer required to continuously monitor screens.

Advantages of Traffic as a Management System for the City of Ghent and the residents who subscribe are myriad: citizens can gain immediate access to information about their means of transport or their trajectories of choice.

Within the project, EPF will be responsible for user centered research, communication to citizens, and involvement of users during the process – together with KULeuven.

More info: http://www.tmaas.eu