The Mobility4EU project funded by the European Commission aims to develop a vision and action plan for mobility and transport in Europe in 2030. It is our priority to involve a wide range of stakeholders in this process.

As the first part of this consultation process we identified the objectives of the various stakeholders in transport, logistics and mobility that they want to achieve until 2030. In this phase, we would like to understand how important these objectives are to you and the other stakeholders, in order to develop an action plan that best serves the stakeholder community. 

You, as an important stakeholder, can be part of the consultation process and give us an insight into your vision and aims for the future transport system in Europe. You can do this by participating in a short survey.

Please open the survey by clicking on the link. You will be presented with pairs of objectives (criteria) and you have to indicate which criterion you find more important and to what extent. Do not forget to click on ‘save’ when you finish the evaluation. The survey will only take approximately 10 minutes’ of your time.