Since early 2018, the city of Ghent has been working with a number of industrial and academic partners on a modular and multimodal cloud platform for TMaaS, Traffic Management as a Service. In the first phase of the European project, the partners conducted extensive research among users. A report.

The Ghent-based TMaaS project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions programme. This is a European Union initiative that offers urban areas across Europe the means to work on new, innovative solutions to tackle urban challenges.

And we can safely call the TMaaS project innovative. The cloud platform we are working on will be fed with data from and across different modalities. All data is automatically analysed – operators and travellers will automatically receive a message when something exciting happens.

The platform will also be scalable. From 2019, selected cities will be able to join the pilot as a replicator city. The intention is that ultimately all large, medium-sized and small cities will be able to easily purchase services for monitoring, traffic management and communication with road users.

Continue to read the full report on the TMaaS website or … watch the video below!

TMaaS & StoryMe (EN) from StoryMe on Vimeo.