Since many years, high-speed TGV trains have been operating on the HSL East Paris-Strasbourg stop at “Louvigny” station which is supposed to serve the Lorraine Region. The problem is that this station has been built “in the middle of nowhere” and does not have any rail connection with regional lines of the TER system. This is not a unique case in France, but this example illustrates a trend whereby the customer is obliged to find another – not always reliable – solution (coach, taxi, …) to reach his or her final destination. The irony is that a place called “Vandières” does exist 10 km away only from Louvigy and would be the optimal location to connect TGV East by rail with the whole Lorraine Region as well as with Luxembourg and the German Saarland.

Things have to move and an on-line petition has been launched by FNAUT regional associations. EPF members are warmly invited to contribute to a more customer oriented solution by signing. The link: