EPF brings the user’s voice to the INDIMO project, which aims to break barriers in accessing digitally interconnected transport systems. The INDIMO project began in January 2020 and will run until December 2022.

Its main objectives are to:

  1. Better understand and improve knowledge about user needs and requirements in digital transport systems.
  2. Co-create tools that contribute to an inclusive, universally accessible and personalised digital transport system.
  3. Foster a Universal Design approach in the planning and design of digital services.
  4. Influence European, regional and local policy-making.

To this end, EPF contributes to assessing user needs and requirements, having recently led the first phase of the project’s pilots. Located in varying cities and regions, the five pilots are an integral part of the INDIMO co-creation process to improve the inclusivity of digital transport systems. Furthermore, each pilot brings in its own socio-cultural characteristics and digital mobility solutions.

With the aim of gaining insight into user requirements and needs for the pilots’ digital mobility services, research was conducted with a focus on four key areas: social context, specific context in which users (would) use the digital mobility tool, priorities in technological development, empowerment of vulnerable-to-exclusion groups.

We found that a highly customized approach is needed to ensure accessible digital mobility solutions. The following elements are key for empowering users: online & offline tutorials, explanation and recommendation from trusted organisations and members of a person’s social network, reviews from other users, a trustworthy label.

Based on these assessments and others, the pilots will (re)design their services.

What are the INDIMO pilots working on?

  • Emilia-Romagna: Introducing digital technology to enable e-commerce in rural areas (smart boxes)
  • Antwerp: Inclusive smart traffic lights
  • Galilee: Informal ridesharing in ethnic towns
  • Madrid: Cycle logistics platform for deliveries
  • Berlin: On-demand ridesharing integrated into multimodal route planning.

Read more about the INDIMO project and its results here.