On September 16., EPF Board Member Christopher Irwin presented the rail passengers’ priorities at a webinar organised by ERA under the heading ‘A Compelling Vision for the Target Railway System’. Other speakers were J. Doppelbauer (ERA), K. Bauer (ÖBB, representing a railway service operator’s perspective) and J. Lüscher (BAV, representing a regulatory body’s perspective).

Hers is a summary of passengers’ principal priorities:

  • Travelling safe (an essential)
  • Value for money (driving down costs)
  • Dependability (delivering the promise)
  • Capacity (matching demand fluctuations)
  • Information provision (cross-modal telematics)
  • Consistent electronic connectivity (upgraded infrastructure)
  • Access for all (brings benefits for all travellers)
  • Good connections throughout the mobility network (think ‘system of systems’).

The full presentation can be downloaded here. To rewatch the webinar, visit the ERA website.