The german alternative dispute regulation organization söp (Schlichtungsstelle Öffentlicher Fernverkehr e.V.) just published its 7th report, the report for 2016.

Founded 2009, this organization has now more then 300 members.

If a passenger did have a problem on his travel and if his complaint is not handled (from his point) in a satisfactory way by the transport organization, he/she can send a complaint to this organization.

If the transport organization is member of this alternative dispute regulation agency, this agency will propose a compromise proposal, where the passenger and the transport organization have to agree.

In 2016, the ADR-organization söp has handled in total 13.626 cases , in detail 10.645 (78%) cases for flight passengers, 2.362 (17%) cases for train passengers, 390 (3%) cases for bus passengers and 29 cases for ship passengers. In addition 200 (2%) cases in the area of local public transport.