The TMaaS project (Traffic Management as a Service) is building a platform that offers citizens and local governments an efficient view of what is happening in their city in terms of multimodal mobility.

Would you like to be part of the TMaaS venture? Do you see a role for the TMaaS dashboard in helping your city implement a sustainable urban mobility vision? Don’t hesitate and apply online for the TMaaS Replicator Programme before 30 June 2019. 

The dashboard of the TMaaS web application is gradually taking shape. The traffic operators of the City of Ghent will use the platform for the first time during the Gentse Feesten 2019. In the following phase, during the Winterfeesten, Ghent residents will be given access to the tool.

What features will this data platform have? After testing six software tools, a seventh tool emerged that offers a better match for the needs of TMaaS: the Grafana open source platform. When used in combination with the Carto map visualization system, it forms a great basis for the TMaaS mobility dashboard (a mock-up is presented below).

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