We participated in the following events:

  • Urban Mobility Days (01.10): Delphine Grandsart presented the HiReach project during the session “Affordable, accessible and inclusive mobility”. Check our presentation or rewatch our session here!
  • Round Table on Sustainable Transport (06.10) organised by CSIGG, the centre for Sustainability, Innovation and Good governance, attended by 40 high-level participants
  • EIT Urban Mobility Talks (21.10): Evelien Marlier spoke about the importance of Citizen Engagement during the session “Citizens as drivers of their own mobility”. Click here for more info!
  • Kick-off event MaaS Taskforce Flanders (22.10)
  • Back on track session (23.10), in the context of the EU week of cities and regions, where EPF was represented by our Swedish Board Member and night train specialist Emil Frodlund.

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