At the European Passengers’ Federation, we believe in the importance of high-speed rail (HSR) in enabling efficient travel, boosting economic development, and promoting sustainable transport alternatives. That is why we proudly support the 100th European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), initiated by the Foundation High Speed Rail Netherlands, which aims to connect all European capitals through a comprehensive high-speed train network.

The objective of this ECI is to call upon the European Commission to propose a legally binding act that establishes a European high-speed train network, connecting existing networks and constructing new lines where necessary. By collecting 1,000,000 signatures from at least 7 different member states, the goal is to advocate for the freedom of movement for all EU citizens.

Currently, the high-speed railway network in Europe predominantly serves cities in a limited number of member states. By expanding and linking up these networks, HSR can substitute short-haul flights and ensure sustainable connections for all Europeans. Moreover, the development of a comprehensive HSR-network can reduce the nuisance of airports.

We urge all EU citizens to support this important initiative by signing here: Together, we can promote sustainable and inclusive transportation solutions and pave the way for a connected Europe.

Your support and help in spreading the word are greatly appreciated!!!