🚀 The SIGN-AIR website is LIVE! The main goal of the SIGN-AIR project is to build a platform to allow Transport Service Providers of different modes to generate and monitor data-sharing agreements and smart contracts, improving multimodality and creating a seamless transportation system.

🌍 Our job doesn’t stop there; we also focus on creating knowledge along the way, passing it on to the community we are building. That’s why, very soon, you’ll have access to all of our deliverables through our website.

🔐 The website will also host access to our developed solution, making you able to SIGN-IN to our SIGN-AIR platform (pun intended). But that’s coming later, so we ask for some patience to unlock its full potential. We are getting ready to take off!

🔍 Check out the website: https://sign-air.eu/ and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter / X.

The SIGN-AIR project, in which EPF is a research partner, will develop and pilot a new platform for the sharing of data in multimodal travel. The platform will provide the means for transport service providers (TSPs) to register, reach data sharing agreements with other TSPs and manage their contractual relationships. The project will address contract templates to simplify the legal management, the electronic management and information provision about each specific contract, routing information for travel companions (TCs) with enriched information about the specific contracts for their customers. The ultimate aim is to facilitate single ticketing through a comprehensive understanding of the contracts and the data managed, among others.

SIGN-AIR has received funding from the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No101114845 under European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.