EPF’s position paper, accepted 13.01.2019

The European Commission is preparing a revision of regulation 1073/2009 to liberalise and harmonise the long distance coach market in the European Union.

Regulation 1073/2009 opened the long distance coach market with a cabotage possibility inside Member States only if the service is part of an international line. The European Commission’s proposal is to create a single market for coaches inside the EU as it is being implemented for air and rail transport. Focus points of the future legislation are: fair access to domestic coach markets inside the EU, protection of existing public service contracts, minimal length of liberalised coach lines and access to coach stations. Some Member States having already liberalised their coach sector, the Commission’s proposal is to harmonise the legislation on the European level.

EPF considers that in general, opening competition and liberalization of passenger transport services can result in positive effects on quality and quantity of services delivered to passengers. However, there are some concerns as well, i.e. with regard to the quality of services, the management of coach stations, and complementarity of transport modes.

EPF’s full position paper can be downloaded here.