Mobility habits, needs and preferences of children and youth are often forgotten in the planning and decision-making process. The European project CES4Kids focuses precisely on listening and understanding these demands from pupils, as well as empowering new generations to be participants in the co-creation of mobility planning.

Supported by the EIT Urban Mobility, within the framework of the Citizen Engagement 2021 call, and led by the Barcelona City Council, CES4Kids involves the creation of education material on the sustainable mobility principles to be used in the school context, the celebration of events to disseminate and raise awareness, and the organization of dynamic learning activities where pupils will be able to put into practice the acquired knowledge. Through this activities, the students will identify and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their school environment in terms of mobility.

Moreover, CES4Kids foresees the participation of children and youth in a co-creation initiative that includes the concept, debate and prioritization of proposals, through digital tools for improving public space and mobility services and the implementation of the citizen participatory platform DecidiUM. In parallel, the project allows collaborating organizations to obtain highly valuable data and information on the mobility habits of participating school pupils’ in order to design new mobility solutions.

As a result, CES4Kids will provide the EIT Urban Mobility with a strategy and an array of tools and processes to engage and empower citizens, thus contributing to increase the dissemination and impact of sustainable mobility initiatives among future generations and the general public. The project will take place from May to December 2021.

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