At the AGM on 27 April 2024, part of the EPF Management Board was re-elected by rotation.

Rian van der Borgt, representative for Rover from the Netherlands and treasurer, was re-elected for a further term of office. Jakop Dalunde from Sweden was elected for the first time. Jakop was a member of the European Parliament for two terms, where he was a transport expert and advocate for passengers interests. He represents the Swedish member Resenarerna and succeeds Kurt Hultgren, who has represented the organization for many years. Michel Quidort, representative of the French association FNAUT, was also re-elected as President.

After many years Chris Irwin, who comes from the UK, is retiring from the Management Board. Chris has shaped the content of the work for almost 2 decades. Keeping the normal passenger in mind was and is a central concern of his work, which has left a deep mark on EPF and European transport policy. Numerous EPF statements, whether on passenger rights, passenger information issues or fare rules, bear his signature.

Chris Irwin is a reliable advisor and provider of new ideas when difficult issues need to be addressed in the context of projects.

The Management Board is delighted that Chris will continue to be available as an advisor and supporter in the future.