The European Passengers Federation (EPF) has taken note of the Press release of the European Council on the provisional agreement of the proposed reform of the rail passengers rights. A press release is not always the most reliable source of information, but it is at the moment the only information we have.

From what we have read we have to conclude:

  1. that the rail passengers’ rights will be below the level of air passengers’ rights. This is most regrettable. The Green deal of the EU is in favour of rail and the EU hopes to achieve a modal shift from air to rail. That can only happen if the rail passengers are properly protected.
  2. that the Council of Ministers has taken the line to protect the railway companies instead of the passengers.

We urge the European Parliament:

  1. to stick to its original position of protecting the rail passengers.
  2. not to give way to undue pressure from the Council of Ministers.
  3. not to accept the Provisional Agreement.


More detailed information can be obtained from Michel Quidort at and +33 612 22 35 54.