On May 23rd, Delphine Grandsart of EPF participated in the final event of Lynx4Rail and Lynx4Rail II at the UIC premises in Paris.

Europe’s Rail JU is a public-private partnership in the rail sector, co-financed by the Horizon Europe programme, funding research and innovation and harmonising standards to deliver the railway system of the future. In order to ensure that R&I performed under EU-Rail will bring tangible benefits to passengers’ future mobility, the JU tasked EPF with bringing in its expertise in European railway passenger aspects.

More specifically, the LinX4Rail projects aimed at developing and promoting a common Functional Rail System Architecture, with the goal of ensuring sustainable interoperability between legacy and new systems. To ensure that passengers were represented in this research, EPF participated in numerous workshops and contributed to the System Pillar, which aspires to develop a unified operational concept for the rail sector.

The final event brought together project stakeholders and showcased the results achieved from both Lynx4Rail and Lnx4Rail II.

To learn more, view the short video here.