The European Passengers’ Federation looks back on an eventful year with challenges like never before seen. The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a new set of tasks and our team rose to the occasion, working for passenger rights even through difficult times.

The consequences of the pandemic were massive in every aspect of life and the transport sector was one of the most affected sectors. Lockdowns all over Europe forced people inside their homes and the frenetic flow of people between buses to metros, trams and bicycles to pause. Many passengers saw their trips cancelled and their right to refund hindered. Public transport companies struggled financially and had to ask for governmental support. EPF kept a close eye on these developments and throughout the year, EPF was challenged to take a position on consumers’ rights in almost all modes of transport. We were involved in many ways to ensure that government support is conditional and beneficial to passengers.

EPF’s team and management board continued to work on projects and relevant policy developments throughout the year, ensuring that in this time of need, passengers’ voices were still heard. Even with many challenges, nothing stopped us from going forward. EPF persisted, adapted and grew!

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