The European Passengers’ Federation is involved as a consortium partner in the UIA project TMaas (Traffic Management as a Service).

Evelien Marlier, project manager for EPF, explains our role within TMaas: “When you are developing a new service like TMaaS, it is really important to know the different stakeholder groups and to define their needs. That is why I interviewed representatives of (local) companies, cooperatives, freelancers, courier services and catering operators who receive a lot of visitors from outside Ghent and for whom mobility is very important. I also talked to help services, elderly and visually impaired people, who of course have very specific requirements. It is my job to map the expectations and demands of these different groups and make sure they are involved during the different stages of the project. Besides that, I also help MintLab with their consumer research: Together we look into what residents of Ghent and its visitors need from this virtual traffic platform. Once the platform is developed, we will help to spread the word. EPF has a lot of contacts with civil society organisations, policy makers and mobility experts and that comes in handy for this.”

The full interview is available on the TMaas website. Take a look!