CER published a Ticketing Roadmap on 20. September. The following concrete actions are planned until 2025:

  1. More up to date timetables (available to any interested party)
  2. Being able to buy train tickets at least 6 and up to 12 months in advance
  3. More up to date tariff exchange, enabling through tickets
  4. European wide standardized API for selling train tickets
  5. Increased harmonization of ticketing conditions (general conditions of use)
  6. Full digitalisation of tickets (boarding / ticket control)
  7. Real-time information during the journey
  8. Better support during disruptions and delays.

On 17.12.21, EPF Board members Josef Schneider and Chris Irwin met with CER’s Executive Director Alberto Mazzola to exchange views . EPF is broadly supportive of CER’s ticketing roadmap and welcomes the sector’s commitment in principle to make it as easy as possible for passengers to use the railway as a major part of a multimodal journey.

However, we stressed how important it is to achieve improvements as quickly as possible and to make them visible to end-users. EPF would therefore like to define concrete measurable goals that can be tracked on an regular, for example annual basis. This is comparable to the KPIs (key performance indicators) known from many sectors of the economy or even regular surveys in public transport. It was agreed to pursue this idea further. EPF will develop concrete proposals and discuss them with CER.