On 20. September 2021, the CER published a “Ticketing roadmap”, available on the internet here. EPF has assessed the contents of this roadmap as basically positive. However, the fact that many of the developments are only promised for a period of 5 or in some cases 10 years, is viewed critically. From the passenger’s point of view, the basic steps must be implemented as soon as possible. If we look back at the so-called full service model FSM, which has been propagated since 2013, the essential demands of passengers on railway companies and ticket sellers can also be found there. However, it can be seen that there has hardly been any positive progress so far; in some connections there are even additional obstacles for the passenger.

To avoid further years of unimplemented commitments, we as EPF are looking into installing monitoring on defined connections. Similar to school grades, the situation should be assessed twice a year if possible. The aim is to document the direction in which the situation is developing and thus to create pressure to develop and implement passenger-friendly offers as quickly as possible.

Discussions with CER, the Commission and other stakeholders are planned in the coming weeks to explore the implementation of such monitoring.