We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of AURORA, a project in which EPF has been a partner for three years. AURORA and its sibling projects AiRMOUR and Flying Forward 2020 organised their joint final event – “Elevating Urban Air Mobility” – on 22 November, 2023, at the European Convention Centre in Luxemburg.

As the three projects had been collaborating successfully throughout their duration – mainly on communication and dissemination, the decision to organize a joint final event came naturally and was, moreover, considered to be sensible from a financial, staff effort and also content perspective, as a great opportunity to showcase the complimentary work done, and offering the audience a true state-of-the-art overview of UAM research and innovation – and as such a strong foundation to build further research on. The choice for Luxembourg was strategic, aligning with the subsequent AiRMOUR Masterclass on UAM at EUROCONTROL on 23 and 24. November.

The morning plenary sessions featured distinguished speakers such as Joachim Lücking from DG MOVE (video message) and Kai Bauer, Principal Advisor for Sustainable Mobility at EASA. Their keynotes envisioned the future of innovative aerial services, providing invaluable insights. Coordinators of the three projects shared key outcomes, and panel discussions on lessons learned and the role of cities enriched the dialogue.

To ensure a comprehensive exploration of UAM, we offered an afternoon programme of nine parallel breakout sessions covering themes like UAM legislation, innovation, sustainability, and more. These sessions allowed participants to delve deeper into specific topics, engaging in discussions with speakers and fellow attendees.

The event culminated with the launch of 10 joint recommendations, a testament to the collaborative spirit of the 34 partner organisations involved in the three projects. These recommendations, encompassing various facets of UAM, serve as a catalyst for further discussion and action within the UAM community.

The visionary insights of our keynote speakers and panelists, combined with interactive discussions with a very engaged audience during the breakout sessions, made our final event an important milestone for anyone invested in the future of UAM. The conference was more than just a showcase of our achievements; it was also a call to action for the entire UAM community, including regulators, industry players, and authorities.

💡For a detailed overview of the event and access to the joint recommendations, we invite you to explore the final event report. Stay tuned for the release of event presentations, providing additional insights into the future landscape of Urban Air Mobility.

💡 To delve deeper into the rationale behind these recommendations, watch the videos, use the tools, and read the reports on AURORAAiRMOUR, and Flying Forward 2020.