During two conference days, you will be able to participate in seminars concerning successes and shortcomings in Europe’s early liberalized rail markets and will be inspired by presentations about powerful consumer groups and how to improve conditions for vulnerable passenger groups and young people in public transport. Among the presenters are Elisabeth Kotthaus – Head of Unit for Passenger Rights at the European Commission, Libor Lochman – Executive Director CER, Örjan Brinkman – President BEUC, Gunnar Alexandersson – researcher in rail liberalization at Stockholm School of Economics, Annette Skaarnæs – Commercial director of the state-owned Norwegian ticketing platform Entur, Jakop Dalunde – Member of European Parliament and initiator of legislation to open access train timetable data, Daniel Helldén – Traffic Mayor of Stockholm, and passenger representatives from Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden. There will also be arranged a tram tour with the recently extended city tram line and two dinners for participants.

For more information about the programme and how to participate go to www.epfconference.eu (Register before May 24th to avoid extra fees)

Photo credits: Image Bank Sweden – Henrik Trygg