On the 4th September, the regular 10 minutes frequency of the trains across the Öresund bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö will be resumed. Successively the problems for the travelling public have been diminished. The obligatory change of trains at Copenhagen Kastrup airport station during more than a year was abolished a few months ago. Still the trains are slower than they used to be, due to the police checking in Kastrup and in Hyllie, but now on the train. Now the prolonged stops on those two stations will be cut down in order to increase capacity and since checking has become easier. The next step on the 4th September means that the frequency increases morning and evening, although travel time still is 39 minutes instead of the original 35 minutes between Copenhagen H and Malmö C. The previous provisional traffic system also took more train capacity. Now more trains can run with three units (three cars per unit and with passenger connection through all the train), whereas during the problem time the trains did run in short one-trainset trains creating a lot of standing passengers. The passenger group öresundspendlarna Broen Live has been very active on both sides of the bridge.