Future mobility and consumer policy

The European Commission (DG MOVE) is currently conducting an evaluation of the 2011 White Paper ‘Roadmap to a single European transport area – towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system’. The aim of the evaluation is to collect and analyse evidence to help assess whether it has achieved its objectives in an effective and efficient manner. Recently, the […]

EPF urges the EU to protect passengers’ rights

The European Passengers Federation (EPF) has taken note of the Press release of the European Council on the provisional agreement of the proposed reform of the rail passengers rights. A press release is not always the most reliable source of information, but it is at the moment the only information we have.
From what we have read we have to […]

EPF’s concerns regarding the trialogue on Rail Passengers’ Rights

Ahead of the fourth trilogue on Rail Passengers’ Rights, the European Passengers’ Federation wrote to MEPs from the TRAN and IMCO committe expressing our worries on the status of the current discussions.

From the preparations in view of the fourth trilogue on 1 October 2020, we get the impression that the Council would like to achieve the following key points:


Towards a sustainable recovery strategy for aviation

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the entire transport sector hard. EPF is taking part in the Round Table discussions organised jointly by DG MOVE and DG COMP, to discuss with all relevant stakeholders the way forward towards a sustainable recovery strategy for European aviation. The main issues for EPF are restoring public confidence and making aviation more sustainable.

Restoring public […]

EPF’s third update on the current health safety measures in Public Transport

So far, 2020 has been a year in which change was our only certainty.

Policies and recommendations changed almost on a weekly base and with that came the quite normal human feeling of fear. Nowadays we are not only fighting an invisible enemy (COVID-19), but also a very real feeling of anxiety whenever we step out of our houses.

This new reality […]

A Compelling Vision for the Target Railway System: passengers’ priorities

On September 16., EPF Board Member Christopher Irwin presented the rail passengers’ priorities at a webinar organised by ERA under the heading ‘A Compelling Vision for the Target Railway System’. Other speakers were J. Doppelbauer (ERA), K. Bauer (ÖBB, representing a railway service operator’s perspective) and J. Lüscher (BAV, representing a regulatory body’s perspective).

Hers is a summary of passengers’ […]

Join the SHOW stakeholder forum

Are you active in the field of autonomous urban mobility? Are you interested in participating in one of the largest ever European projects on Connected & Cooperative Autonomous Mobility (CCAM) for public transport? Join the SHOW Stakeholder Forum!

It will give you the opportunity to:

Be invited to large-scale events and workshops organised together with the 69 members of SHOW;
Influence […]

Progress for European night train services

Recently, there have been several examples of possible evolvement of night train services in Europe. Emmanuel Macron mentioned during his national day speech a coming massive expansion of the French railway system – including night train services. Afterwards the French transport minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari announced that two new night train routes (Paris-Nice and Paris-Tarbes) are planning to be launched […]

SHOW 1st Pan-European workshop

The SHOW (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption) project will host its 1st Pan-European Workshop, titled «How to make CCAM in Cities a reality» on 18 September 2020.

In this Workshop a selection of high-level Keynote Speakers will share their views and experiences about Connected and Cooperative Automated Mobility, while you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss with the […]

COVID-19 and Public Transport: Regaining passengers’ trust

The COVID-19 pandemic has struck public transport across Europe in an unprecedented way. Lower occupation levels and mandatory health inspections are now part of travelling with trains, trams and buses.

Yet, public transport remains an essential part of society. It is a sustainable, accessible and affordable mobility option. Regaining passengers’ trust is crucial and even though most operators have taken […]