In the ever-changing public transport landscape, EPF remains committed to representing passengers’ interests in policy formulation at EU level. As outlined in our EPF 2023 Annual Report, our organization’s efforts span across policy work, participation in EU-funded projects, and nurturing member relationships. Some of the highlights in our 2023 annual report include:

Policy Work: EPF acts as a unique platform for representing passengers’ interests in policy formulation at EU level, working constructively together with other stakeholders and decision-makers to advance the interests of public transport users across Europe. Throughout 2023, EPF focused on key policy areas, including Better Protection for Passengers and their Rights, Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS), Bus and Coach Passenger Rights, and the Review of the Package Travel Directive.

Project Participation: EPF participates in a wide range of EU-funded research and innovation projects, mostly focusing on communication & dissemination support, as well as stakeholder and citizen engagement activities. In 2023, EPF’s involvement extended to projects such as AURORA (urban air mobility), IMPACTS (Inclusive Mobility), UPPER (Unleashing the Potential of Public Transport in Europe), GEMINI (Greening European Mobility), SIGN-AIR, among others.

Membership Engagement: EPF maintains close ties with its member associations through regular communication and quarterly general meetings. These meetings provide invaluable opportunities for exchanging information, sharing best practices, and strengthening collaborative efforts in advocating for passenger rights and interests. In 2023, we welcomed a new EPF member from Slovenia: Focus.

The EPF 2023 Annual Report offers an overview of the organization’s work and achievements throughout the year. From policy advocacy to project participation and membership engagement, EPF looks forward to an impactful 2024 of progress and ongoing efforts to improve passenger travel experience.

Find out more about all our work in the full Annual Report.