EPF Bulletin #20 is out…

Welcome to the 20th issue of our bulletin which shows you the work and interests of the European Passengers’ Federation and its member associations in 20 countries on behalf of customers in all modes of public transport. To download the document, please click here “EPF Bulletin #20”.

CIPTEC: Collective Innovation for Public Transport

The European Passengers’ Federation is currently involved in the Horizon 2020 project ‘CIPTEC’, which stands for Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities.

The aim of the CIPTEC project is to explore the needs of both the supply and the demand side in the sector of Public Transport and indicate gaps that should be bridged, possibly by means of […]

Three meetings in DG MOVE concerning PRM TSI

On Monday 25th April (all day) there was a workshop regarding PRM TSI and the directives to implement NIPs, national implementation plans. EPF represenative Kurt Hultgren made a presentation. On Tuesday 26th April there was a conference regarding PRM TSI and its implications for all Member States. Approx 60 persons participated, among them from EPF Kurt Hultgren, Willy Smeulders […]

EPF’s second Summit Conference in Brussels

110 people registered for EPF’s second Summit Conference at the headquarters of the Airports Regions Conference in Brussels on May 26th. A Belgian rail strike led to some cancellations and some participants were thus unable to reach Brussels, but the room was still well-filled.

Speakers included transport industry professionals, researchers, MEPs and European Commission officials as well as members of […]

Navetteurs.be new EPF member

The EPF Annual General Meeting took place after the conference and was attended by representatives of our affiliated member associations. The Belgian association Navetteurs.be was accepted as a new full member. This means that EPF now in total has 35 member organisations.

Stakeholder consultation on Regulation (EC) 1371/2007

EPF’s response to the stakeholder consultation on Regulation (EC) 1371/2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations can be consulted here.

Report of EPF conference Berlin 2016

Over 80 representatives from 16 public transport users’ associations in 11 European countries gathered in Berlin, on April 8th/9th for the 14th Annual Conference of the European Passengers’ Federation.

In welcoming all colleagues, EPF President Trevor Garrod thanked the sponsors Talgo, S-Bahn Berlin, BVG and Abellio-NS for their support in the conference organization.Friday afternoon was devoted to reports from EPF […]

Joint open letter – Informal EU ministerial meeting of transport and environment ministers

UITP, Unife, Eurocities, EPF and EMTA have written an open letter concerning the informal EU ministerial meeting of transport and environment ministers to discuss smart green solutions for sustainable transport, to encourage Ministers to look beyond a technical discussion and consider the role of modal shift in the decarbonisation of transport. This will be especially important given the forthcoming […]

Europäische Fahrgastverbände treffen sich dieses Jahr in Berlin

EPF – European Passengers’ Federation ist der Name eines europäischen FahrgastVerbandes, der sich aus 34 Mitgliedsverbänden in unterschiedlichen Ländern Europas zusammensetzt.

Die Mitglieder dieses Verbandes, aber auch viele Gäste treffen sich einmal im Jahr zu einer großen Fachtagung. Die letzte Tagung war in Budapest in Ungarn, für das Jahr 2016 wurde Berlin als Tagungsort gewählt.

Das Treffen 2016 findet am 09.04.2016 […]

Remarks to the draft of Interpretative Guidelines in the field of air passenger rights

Friendly Flying has issued a number of remarks to the draft of Interpretative Guidelines in the field of air passenger rights. The remarks are summarised below:

Remark no 1
The passengers who submitted complaints to the carriers and where technical defects are the reason of cancellation/ long delay, passengers should be provided with full and complete information.

Remark no 2
There is no […]