ECA report: Air passenger rights not protected

By |July 25th, 2021|

The European Court of Auditors’ special report “Air Passenger rights during the Covid-19 pandemic”, covering the period from March 2020 until March 2021, was published on 29. June. ECA reporting member Annemie Turtelboom also presented the findings on 14. July during a European Parliament public hearing. The report confirmed that key passenger rights were not respected and passengers were […]

Does the CRS Code of Conduct need an update?

By |July 25th, 2021|

Regulation (EC) N° 80/2009 on a Code of Conduct for Computerised Reservation Systems (CRS CoC) is currently being reviewed. The past months, EPF has been participating in the impact assessment study and accompanying public consultation. For EPF, this Regulation is important because it intends to safeguard consumer access to neutral and unbiased information about available travel options and prices. 

As […]

French petition to get rid of railway “beetroot stations”

By |July 25th, 2021|

Since many years, high-speed TGV trains have been operating on the HSL East Paris-Strasbourg stop at “Louvigny” station which is supposed to serve the Lorraine Region. The problem is that this station has been built “in the middle of nowhere” and does not have any rail connection with regional lines of the TER system. This is not a unique […]

Bringing the user voice to INDIMO

By |July 15th, 2021|

EPF brings the user’s voice to the INDIMO project, which aims to break barriers in accessing digitally interconnected transport systems. The INDIMO project began in January 2020 and will run until December 2022.

Its main objectives are to:

Better understand and improve knowledge about user needs and requirements in digital transport systems.
Co-create tools that contribute to an inclusive, universally accessible and personalised […]

Better rail connections for Europe’s passengers

By |July 10th, 2021|

For the past year, EPF has been co-chairing the International Rail Passenger (IRP) Transport Platform’s ‘mirror group’ which consists of representatives of railway undertakings (CER/ALLRAIL/UIC/CIT), infrastructure managers (EIM/CER/UIC), railway suppliers (UNIFE), passenger and consumers’ organisations (EPF/BEUC), travel companies and distributors (EU Travel Tech/ALLRAIL/ECTAA) – who are committed to developing a joint action plan/agenda to support international rail passenger services […]

Is ticket retailing really too important to be left to the operators?

By |July 15th, 2021|

On 25. June, Christopher Irwin, EPF Board Member, took part in a panel debate on “Unleashing rail distribution to make rail travel more attractive”. The webinar was organised by eu travel tech as part of the official European Year of Rail programme and discussed challenges and opportunities of making rail travel more accessible.

Rail travel has never been more important. Although […]