Save the date 7-8 June – EPF conference Stockholm

Book your trip now to the next EPF-conference in Stockholm that will take place in the Nordic summer light days in the beginning of June.

Ghent on its way to TMaaS

Since early 2018, the city of Ghent has been working with a number of industrial and academic partners on a modular and multimodal cloud platform for TMaaS, Traffic Management as a Service. In the first phase of the European project, the partners conducted extensive research among users. A report.

Rail Passengers’ Rights Recast

So far a satisfactory issue for EPF
After the vote of the European Parliament in plenary session on November 15 in Strasbourg, the issue of the Regulation 1371/2007 recast on Rail Passengers’ Rights is so far satisfying EPF, as amendments initiated or supported by our Federation have been adopted.

Main points are:

The excuse of “force majeure” has been deleted from […]