1. Public transport must play a bigger role in domestic and international travel in Europe, and is especially important for regional regeneration, for its contribution to social cohesion, improving the environment, energy and emission saving and relative safety.
  2. Fares, ticketing and financial policies should actively encourage rail and other public transport use.
  3. Environmentally friendly public transport options should be prioritised and championed.
  4. Journeys should be seamless where possible, with easy and guaranteed connections – or viable alternatives if things go wrong.
  5. Buying tickets should be simple, with seat or sleeper reservations able to be made in any country, from any country. Tickets and reservations should be made available via a range of methods and outlets.
  6. Information must be easy to obtain and easy to understand on both domestic and international services, at least as easy as is the information available nowadays on car journeys.
  7. Passengers should be properly consulted by operators when planning services and facilities.
  8. Basic rights to compensation and redress should be harmonised throughout Europe and should apply to all forms of public transport.
  9. Operators should be encouraged to co-operate more effectively to promote long distance international rail travel to provide an attractive alternative to air travel.
  10. Public transport should be accessible to all sections of society.
  11. Short distance cross border travel must be made easier and be priced at a realistic level.
  12. Rail, bus, air and ferry services must be properly integrated, with improved rail and bus links to major airports and seaports, and wherever possible integrated ticketing.
  13. International and domestic rail high-speed lines must be further developed; but not at the expense of services on other routes.
  14. Access to and from long distance trains and buses by local public transport should be easy and seamless.
  15. Public transport’s safety advantages must be preserved and enhanced.

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