Better protection for passengers and their rights

By |November 30th, 2022|

The European Commission is currently reviewing the passenger rights regulatory framework, including to ensure its resilience to extensive travel disruptions, and including options for multimodal tickets.

In EPF’s perspective, the ‘Better protection for passengers and their rights’ initiative needs to address a number of important issues: how to better protect passengers in a multimodal context; harmonizing and enforcing existing rules; […]

Package Travel Directive: What needs to change?

By |November 25th, 2022|

The EU Package Travel Directive, in force since July 2018, aims to protect travellers that have booked combinations of at least two types of travel services (transport, accommodation, car rental or other services, for example guided tours) – either as ready-made ‘packages’ or as ‘linked travel arrangements’ (a flowchart helps to distinguish between these two) by offering the following guarantees:


The INDIMO video is live!

By |November 18th, 2022|

New transport products and services should be fully accessible. And while digitilisation has produced an array of opportunities in the mobility sector, groups vulnerable to exclusion such as older people, people with a disability, and ethnic minorities do not always enjoy unrestricted access to these (new) services.

The INDIMO project has positively impacted the lives of these groups vulnerable to exclusion, thanks to […]

AURORA-UAM launches its animated video

By |November 17th, 2022|

The AURORA partners are thrilled to announce the release of our first video which is a visual reference of the project and its objectives. The video provides a visual representation of how the project focuses its demonstrations primarily on emergency related applications.  

Furthermore, the video highlights: 

The challenges that cities are facing due to their rapid growth; 
How AURORA aims to develop and integrate safety-critical technologies to support autonomous flights in urban environments […]