EPF applauds railway investments

The European Commission is proposing to invest €1 billion in 39 transport projects which will unlock a total of €4.5 billion of public and private co-financing. The selected projects will upgrade Europe’s rail network, further develop alternative fuels infrastructure and pave the way for zero emission water transport. In doing so, the Commission is firmly delivering on its Clean Mobility […]

Meeting of the Beneluxparliament

The Beneluxparliament consists of members of the national parliaments of Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands. The Beneluxparliament was convened in Maastricht on the 24th of November 2017 in the hall where the treaty of Maastricht was signed 25 years before. One of the items on the agenda was the improvement of the rail connections between the Beneluxcountries and the adjacent […]

EPF conference 2018

16th Conference of the European Passengers’ Federation “Explore and enjoy Europe by Public Transport” June, 8th-10th June 2018, Aachen (Germany)

Rail passengers’ priorities for improvement

The independent watchdog Transport Focus has asked more than 12,800 people to rank things that would most improve their journey experience.

Closing the night gap to Prague

Passengers demand feeder train to “Metropol” night train

After the timetable change in December the night train “Metropol” is going to be cancelled between Prague and Berlin and will only run between Prague and Budapest. No convenient feeder trains from Germany are provided.

Our member organisation Pro Bahn’s media release can be downloaded here.



CIPTEC booklet

CIPTEC aims to bring a new thinking and innovative solutions (service concepts and business models) for public transport, in order to create a favourable environment for public transport growth.

EPF is a partner within the CIPTEC consortium. The project is approaching its final stage. A booklet summarising the results so far is now available on the CIPTEC website.

Accessibility Guide

UITP, IRU and EDF (the European Disability Forum) have jointly published an Accessibility Guide in order to improve public transport services through awareness of staff about persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility. EPF welcomes this initiative and encourages its members to implement it.

The Accessibility Guide can be downloaded here.

Infographic: Flight delayed?

Friendly Flying has recently prepared an English version of an infographic for the passengers regarding the 261/04 regulation. It summarises air passenger rights in case of a delayed flight.

Airline consolidation limits competition and reduces consumer choice

A research report released last week by ETTSA confirms that airline consolidation limits competition and reduces consumer choice. Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and code-share agreements have led to reduced competition, fewer choices and higher prices for consumers.

The report has been supported by the European Federation of Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA), the European Passengers’ Federation (EPF), the […]

NEB reporting bus & coach passenger rights

Following the regulation for passenger rights in long distance coaches the national enforcement bodies are obliged to publish their reports and to transmit them to the European Commission. The Commission will not publish the reports, but has given EPF the green light to do this.

Until now, six reports are available: